6 September 2013

The first day at school

Today was my first day of formal education in a very long time, teaching me a subject (languages) that I was never very good at.
My tutor (it's one-on-one) collected me from me homestay this afternoon and didn't speak a word of English to me in the next 2.5 hours.

My school day is 2 hours of grammar (and vocab) and 2 hours of practical teaching, which is out of the classroom (today was a walk to and around one of Cusco's markets).

My grammar teacher didn't speak a word of English to me and my practical tutor (a different person) spoke very very little to me (a few dozen words, in order to teach me the Spanish).
Did I mention that this is immersive learning? :-o

My head was spinning after 2 hours of grammar & vocab; it was spinning a lot faster at the end of the practical lesson, while was 2 hours of communication in Spanish, a language I started learning today.

I've got confidence that this method of teaching will work, although they next few days are likely to be "interesting".

Wish me luck for tomorrow.