5 September 2013

Back to school

Many years after leaving school, a few less years since I graduated and a couple less still since I did my last professional qualification, I head back to school tomorrow. My first formal study in a long time and my first study of language since I finished my GCSEs more than half my lifetime ago.

I'm currently in Cusco to do a 2 week intensive, immersive, Spanish course. It won't make me fluent, but I hope it will give me something useful and something to build on for the next three months.

As something I've arranged via the school I have a home stay, where our host doesn't speak English - everything at home is in Spanish, a language I currently have a few dozen words in.
It made dinner conversation interesting, where thankfully the other two students staying here are weeks ahead of me (and one has just got her A-level in Spanish and is off to study it at Cambridge, so she's quite good) and helped me.

So I'm back to school tomorrow. Wish me luck.