20 September 2013

Passport update

An update on the passport situation...

My application for a new passport is currently winging its way towards the UK and in about 6 weeks time a new, proper, passport will be waiting for me at the British Embassy in Lima, assuming no issues with the application. 

This is the best result I could hope for (although I won't complain if the passport gets back earlier), as the other options included me returning to the UK for a couple of weeks in order to get a passport! And whilst returning to the UK has some major advantages (I get to see people), it is a strange relief to not have to - it would have cost a lot of time and money, none or which would have been covered by my insurance (I asked). I would have returned if I had to - the cost meant I got something of South America back. And, you know, to see some of you lot. 

The Emergency Travel Document (emergency passport) would only get me home and not allow me to see anything of the rest of South America, so I'm really happy that the passport office agreed to send it to Lima. Thanks, mum. :)
(My parents were helping me no end by talking to the passport office on my behalf, letting me use the time difference to my advantage and helping me work around less than great voice coms. One call from mum and they agreed to send it to the Embassy in Lima, something they were previously not all that keen on. Thanks, mum.)

Until then I'm "stuck" in Peru, which is no bad thing - there is a lot to see and do here.

I'll be heading through the Sacred Valley this weekend, taking in various places on route to Machu Picchu and then more on route back to Cusco. After whichever I've booked myself another week of Spanish classes, as it is beginning to make some form of sense and I want to see what another week of classes can do for me - I've gone from essentially no Spanish to being able to have basic conversations in Spain in 2 weeks! It has been *hard* work.

Once I've finished school I'm heading down to Puno for a few days, taking in all it has to offer; followed by a slow amble back up towards Lima, going overland by bus. The details of which I've not yet worked out, but that is weeks away.