9 January 2014

A change of plans. Again.

I have had many changed of plan when it comes to travelling, some enforced on me (the passport issue) and others I've chosen (being in the UK for Christmas). Today is time for another change of plans.

When I changed my flights to allow me to spend Christmas in the UK I had every expectation of being in the UK for 6 weeks and then continuing my travels to SE Asia, with a bonus trip to Hong Kong thrown in (the route I had to take in order to move my flights to give me time in the UK – no bad thing).  When I landed I expected the same and did for the first couple of weeks.

Things change.

Having spent a few weeks in the UK there was something niggling at me, which I finally managed to work out on Boxing Day – now isn't the time for SE Asia.  As much as it absolutely was the time to go travelling in April, now is the time to be back in London for a bit – returning to The Road later in the year.

This isn't because I don’t like travelling – I do.
This isn't because I didn't enjoy what I've already done – I did.
This is because after 7 months it is time for something else, time to work out what it was I've actually seen and done, and then do some more.
(Update - nor is it for any "bad" reason. I'm not ill, for example. Thank you to all those who asked.)

So I'm back in the UK.  London, to be specific.  And, assuming I can find a sensible contract, I will be for most of the year, although it is very dependent upon what work find.

Speaking of which… if you or someone you know needs an IT Security / Information Security contractor, ideally in London – although I’ve got plenty of experience in working and living globally – then I'm more than happy to discuss what they are looking for.

Oh, and to those of you who live vicariously through my blog – now is the time to get out more. I am - just somewhere different from where I was expecting 6 weeks ago.