5 September 2013

Signs you are tired

The morning after arriving in Lima we (me, Gil and Henry) head up to Huaraz, something we've had planned for a while (I think I was in Xi'an when we arranged it). This gives me my introduction to Peruvian (and South America, in general) coaches, (one of) the main forms of inter-city transport.

Thankfully we had a mid-day departure, which allowed for a little much needed sleep, a repack of bags so as to take little with me and to then battle through Lima's traffic.

There are many different companies who offer different routes and different quality if coaches, where we'd booked a better one (Oltursa) and booked a cama seat (fully reclining, as compared to semi cama which is partly reclining), as Gil knew I'd be tired.

Of the 9.5 hour journey (scheduled to be about 8, but the traffic leaving Lima was terrible) I was asleep for 7.
Not a nap, not a little bit a sleep, but out cold. Gil woke me after 5 hours as she was worried I'd mess-up my already broken body clock, where she had to really shake me to wake me. I just went straight back to sleep and was out cold for another 2 hours.
After we arrived in Huaraz we jumped in a cab to the hotel, dumped our bags and headed out to find dinner. 

Not exactly a traditional Peruvian dinner, but it was quick, easy, tasty and what we needed - pizza. And wine.

I slept for another 7 hours that night. I think my body was telling much something.