28 July 2013

Roads you can't use when wet

I am here: 37 26.23 N 111 26.838 E at 1285m as of 18/07/2013 08:27 BST http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:37.43718,111.44731

Ok, so it was raining, but it was raining and not, for example, a torrent of water which would make Noah take note.

For reasons best known to the Chinese this means that we couldn't take Daisy on to the motorway - we are a truck (although technically we are a coach on the paperwork) and trucks aren't allowed on the road when it's raining. No, really - they wouldn't let us on because it was raining and we were a truck.
We tried many different toll bothes to get on to the motorway, but all refused. Stuck on the local roads.

After lunch the rain and died down, so we attempted the motorway again. Still couldn't use it, as we were a coach with more than 8 seats, even though we only had 7 passengers on board (+ 3 crew). Trucks could use the road, but we were a coach.

Cue much arguing, including just turning the engine off whilst blocking a toll booth.
Alas no change - another reverse and the rest of the day stuck on local roads, adding hours to the journey.

It's China.