8 July 2013

More camping at The Great Wall (day 72)

I am here: 38 32.757 N 101 23.989 E at 2081m as of 05/07/2013 07:59 BST http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:38.54596,101.39983

Last bushcamp in China - no more until Mongolia, but then it is 3 weeks of bush camping and Gers. The Chinese don't really do camping and so we've got limited options / more of the things we need to see are city based.

Dinner was cooked by Claire, or guide, giving us a taste of proper home cooked Chinese food - it was delicious. Rice, spicy pork and potato soup like thing (don't drink the soup, it's too spicy), beef & onions, egg plant, leafy greens and a marinated cucumber thing. Yum!

Falling asleep in my tent (5), looking at the starts through the window, whilst a few feet from a section of The Great Wall is really surprisingly cool.

Waking up and the first thing to see out of the tent is The Great Wall is just as good.