8 July 2013

Camping by The Great Wall (day 71)

I am here: 39 50.915 N 98 10.913 E at 1614m as of 04/07/2013 12:28 BST http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:39.84858,98.18189

Having left the western end of the wall we went to The Overhanging Wall, which is a section of The Wall about 15 km from the western end, which is more dug-in to the hills and thus there is an overhang.
A gentle, if steep, walk up, which I did with John - a nice thing to do with him on Independence Day. The view from the top (the second watchtower in this section) was worth it - a view down the back to where the wall was and down the front from where we'd walked up and towards the modern China that is Jiayugan - it was dirty, polluted, full of construction sites and industry. For the massive difference in the very old and very new China it gave a huge sense of place.

Olly had a travelgasm, which given the amount he has seen and done around the world (personally and with Dragoman) is telling.

Our campsite for the night was a few hundred meters away (see lat/long), where after dinner we walked (up) another section of it to watch sunset from a watchtower.

Tonight we camped by The Great Wall! :-D