25 August 2013

Waking up somewhere new

(this was written on Saturday whilst sat on the train in to London, but not published until now as I returned to the UK (transit to Lima) a few days earlier than expected in order to see people and surprise mum. As I type this she has no idea I'm only a few hundred miles away. :))

This morning I woke up in Reading, which isn't all that shocking given it is where I went to sleep. What is a little more odd in my head is that today I woke up in Reading, yesterday it was Beijing and the day before that it was Mongolia. The day before that again and I was still in Mongolia, but sleeping in a Ger and keeping warm by using a wood burning stove. The day before that and I was bush camping in the middle of nowhere, Mongolia.

Give it a couple of days and I'll be waking up in Miami and then Lima.

Whilst perfectly logical, it somehow feels very unreal.