31 August 2013

Not the last of the Ger camps (day 114)

I am here: 47 19.284 N 101 39.472 E at 1773m as of 16/08/2013 http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:47.32141,101.65788

After staying in many yurts and Gers over the last 4 months this is almost the last of them.

Lazy day of reading, music, writing emails to a few people and relaxing in the hot springs. After 2 weeks of almost exclusively bush camping, a soak in hot water is a real luxury (I'm normally happy just to have some warm water to wash my hands in after breakfast, assuming we didn't drink all the water in the kettle).

The evening was powered by: Sandra making good on her threat to give me a face mask; dancing with Julia in the middle of the dinning room, much to the confusion and amusement of all (no music and it wasn't a dancy night - she just said "it would be nice to dance now", so we did); excellent local food and Gino's pictures from Cairo to Cape Town - which just makes me want to return to Africa, especially the staggeringly beautiful Namibia.