31 August 2013

The benefits of group travel - being sick (day 117)

I am here: 47 13.437 N 102 47.656 E at 1472m as of 19/08/2013 http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:47.22396,102.79427

Group travel has many pros and cons, and overlanding has its own set in addition - you spend 24 hours a day living with total strangers, sometimes for a very long time (eg the other 3 people on tour with me who are doing the whole 120 days) and in close quarters, which is something few of us would do at home.

One of the advantages is that we all look after each other, from the little things like helping put up tents to helping those who get sick.
As per my last entry, I spent yesterday (as per the gps fix) being sick as a dog; a result of dodgy food.

So my thanks to all those on the truck who helped, from helping me put my tent up last night (got the luxury of the spare tent), who checked on me, provided me Vomax (need to get some), and generally nursed me a bit. Thank you all, you are the top of the list in the pros of Overlanding.

(side note: I said before I started this trip that I'd get something, so I'm amazed that I lasted this long without a proper stomach bug. Yes I've had food that's not agreed with me before, but this is the "proper" dose I've been expecting for a few days short of 4 months. Add in that as of Beijing I've only had 1 cold -  which given the 17000km we'd driven, the 30 people who'd passed through the truck and the many countries they'd all come from and travelled through, and the countless locals we'd met isn't bad - I think I'm doing fairly well. Hopefully Fate won't see this as a challenge.)