30 May 2013


I am here: 41 5.088 N 65 57.736 E at 271m as of 28/05/2013 10:00 BST http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:41.08479,65.96227

I stayed here last night and went swimming in the lake too - wonderfully refreshing after hours of bouncing around in 30+ degC heat (it's been 37 degC today, for reference). 

Slightly less refreshing was my first camel ride, which is an odd, if practical around here, method of movement. Not sure I'd want to do multi-day treks on one, as Tony has - a quick 15 min around the campsite was enough to get a feel for it. 

The evening was a simple meal of (yet more) Plov, vodka (what else) and then listening to the local folk music as performed by one man and some form of stringed guitar-like musical instrument - whilst sitting around a camp fire, looking at the stars.