15 May 2013


Days 18, 19, 20, 21 and at least 22. 12-15 May 2013.

At least day 22....
Greetings from Baku, where we are currently awaiting a boat across the Caspian, taking us to Turkmenistan. There isn't a scheduled service, so we'll go when the boat goes and that isn't today - which we'd hoped it would be.

It has been really good to have a few days in one place after 3 weeks of permanently being on the move; a few days to slow down a little, take in what Baku has, do the mundane things like laundry & banking and generally not have to think about what is happening. It has also provided for some much needed solo time, which after a few weeks of being around the same people all the time is needed.

Baku itself is an interesting place - there is very serious money here due to the oil & gas (all the high-end shops are here, very expensive cars, London prices at least, etc) and yet once you go a few streets backup from the excessively manicured central area you hit the normal Baku and it feels a lot different - it isn't manicured, the scaffolding isn't hidden in the normal are as it is in the centre; the pavements need work, unlike the central area; the shops go from the likes of Dior & Tiffany's to the local equivalent of Spar (7-11 for you Americans :)) & small local businesses. All in about 3 blocks. Not a lot different from walking 3 (ish) blocks from the likes of Knightsbridge, now I think about it.