16 March 2013

Sleeping bag

I bought most of the big-ticket items a couple of weeks ago, leaving "just" the sleeping bag to find. Given how much of a difference a good night's sleep can make to your day a good bag and a good mat can make a big difference to the trip.
Having heard good things about Alpkit from various sources (no, Gil, not just you :)) and being very happy with the down jacket I bought from them last year I took a look at their SkyeHigh bags, where doing so was helped by their current sale.

I had to put some serious thought into the temperature limits I'd need from the bag, as I need it to take me from the plains of central Asia to the middle of the desert and to the mountains of South America, all whilst being small and reasonably light. (It doesn't need to do SE Asia.)
I picked the coolest of the three options (t-limit of -5 degC) - the warmest is too warm for most of what I need at the moment, at which point take the cooler bag as it works better in warmer environments and add layers when colder.

It arrived very quickly, but I'd expect nothing else from Alpkit - the few orders I've placed with them have been shipped very quickly.

I've not had chance to test it for real yet, but the actual fit is great - just enough space around the body to have a bit of a wriggle and not feel trapped, but close enough that there isn't a lot of dead space.
Having slept in it for a few nights (indoors) I'm very happy with the comfort of it.

I'm tempted by one of their warmest bags as a something for the adventure I've got planned for 2015 (no, really) as I doubt you can get anything as good for anything like the price, but that needs a little thought.