22 March 2013

See ya later, work

Of all the things about leaving work that I've enjoyed the surprising winner was listening (and occasionally feeding) the rumours about where I was working next. Worldpay was a strong contender (with no small thanks to me on that), several big name banks had been mentioned, another insurer or at least someone on the industry, the MoD (bit of an outsider, although given some of my recent training...) and a very late entry of Qualys. By a very clear margin my absolute favourite was that I was going to move to Australia, a move my old boss has just made.

As the the people at work now know - it is none of the above. As a friend of mine described it, "it's not that they are barking up the wrong tree, they're in the wrong forest".

The folks at the company I've just left now know as I've just sent my "see ya later" email, an email which contained one line - a link to the So I've Just Quit My Job post. As departure emails go I'm hoping that it's up there with the best - if nothing else I'm sure it will be remembered.

To those who've remain at the company I've just left...
I thank you all for the amusement over the last 3 months, it has kept me entertained through some otherwise quite dull days. I wish you all nothing but the best for the future and all it brings - I've got no idea what yours will involve, but lots of change and interesting times are ahead of all of us. Enjoy it.

As for Australia... This trip doesn't currently have that as a part of the plan, but plans can change. ;-)