8 March 2013

Doing the best you can with what you've got

"You do the best you can with what you've got" - doc, on discussing first aid in remote areas.

Last week I was on a first aid training course, specifically the Exmed Challenging Environment Emergency Response course, which could be subtitled "first aid for when 999 isn't an option". It could, should, also be subtitled "first aid for ex-forces types who work in Hostile Environments, a precursor to the Medicine In Remote Areas course".

It was a very interesting week where I learned a lot, and thank to Gil - remembered stuff I'd been taught before, which has left me with a feeling that in the event of a Bad Day I know enough to do something useful, although with an acceptance that it may not be enough.
It has also left me with a feeling that I need to learn more basics, as the course covered a lot of things like shooting wounds and IED injuries, but not a lot in terms of bandaging a sprained ankle. It also assumes (to a point) that you've got some basic kit with you (OP and NP airways, for example), which given their target customer is fair.

If I had the time I'd like to do the Exmed Travel and Expedition Medicine course before I go walkabout, but the timing doesn't work. I suspect it is the type of thing I'll do once I return, in part in preparation for my next adventure and in part because I find first response / medicine interesting, although it's not type of thing I could do for a living. Well, not directly.