24 March 2013

See ya later, niece

As "see ya laters" go, having to tell your nearly 5 year old niece* that you won't see her until she is nearly 6 sucks and sucks more than I thought it could.  I'm thankful for the Harry Potter game that she was more interested in for distracted her - it made what was really really shitty for me easy for her.

The bright spark that she is suggests "we can Skype" (yes, a 4 year old told me this) and we can and will.  It doesn't quite make up for the whole year of her life I won't be around for though.  This is a very high price to pay for the trip - although one I knew I'd have to pay. And I know higher costs are coming.

See ya later, Amelia.

* For the benefits of the family... AJ has not had kids.  Uncle Robert is an honorary title, although one I'm as attached to as if it were AJ's kids.