8 April 2013

Looks like we got ourselves a reader

One of the nice things about having a year off is that I'll have the time to read and read extensively; I should have the time to make a serious dent in the list of books I've been meaning to read for ages, boxes of which are currently stored with Gil - but those are for when I return.  (I'm addicted to books as well as CDs - as very clearly evidenced by the amount of both I've got in storage in various locations.)

I'll be picking-up and trading physical books as I go, where the idea of BookCrossing appeals - I like the idea of "my" books travelling around.  (side note: are books like like a bicycle in Amsterdam - you never really own them, just have physical possession for a while? Discuss.)  I'll also have a Kindle with me, as the downside to physical books is that they are big and heavy - space and weight are at a premium when your world is on your back. Thankfully I can carry as many books as I want on a Kindle and it doesn't take up any more space or weight - this is where you come in...

What three books would you recommend to me? It can be any three books, not specifically travel books - just three books which make you go "Rob would really like these" or "these are the books I'd take with me" or even "these books will change Rob's life". Either way - I'm looking for ideas.

If you could recommend three, and only three, books to me - what are they and, for bonus points, for why?

And for those who don't get the reference for the title... The late, great, Bill Hicks.

Speaking of which...