1 January 2013

So I've just quit my job

So I've just quit my job.  To some of you this is probably a huge surprise and you are wondering what on earth I'm doing; for others it is a day you know I've been waiting for.

So I've just quit my job.  I've given my 3 months notice (yes, three) and will be leaving my current employer at the end of March.  I'll then spend a couple of weeks in Newquay visiting the folks and spending time with family, with another week to then be spent in London with people there.

On Monday the 22nd April I shall be boarding a flight to Istanbul, where upon I spend the next year travelling around the world.  This is why I've quit my job.

Details of the route and the fun & excitement I've had in planning it are in older posts; I hope you'll take the time to read.  The summary is: fly to Istanbul; 4 months overland to Ulaanbaatar via a lot of Central Asia; 3 months in South America (Peru, Bolivia and Chile, at least); 3+ months in South East Asia (read: until the money runs out).  No, really - this is what I'm doing.  Flights booked, flat given-up, life is getting increasing de-cluttered and packed into boxes and I've said "see ya later" to many.  I'm ready to go.

This is something I've dreamt of for a very very long time.  This is something I've worked towards for a very long time.  This is something I've been actively planning it since the summer of 2012 (had to have something to do instead of watching School Sports Day ;-)) and this blog has that story.  This blog will also be my record of the story of my walkabout, with updates and pictures as and when I can.

I'm sure there are a lot of people with a lot of questions - I'll point out the best way to contact me.

So I've just quit my job.  Time for life.