28 January 2013

Cameras (part 4 - the final chapter(?))

Given that the high-street doesn't really have any camera shops any more and even when they did you couldn't really get a proper play (proper being several hours), I did the only logical thing: I bought the Olympus OM-D E-M5 from Amazon as they've got a no-questions-asked returns policy in the event I didn't like it.

It is small, light, feels like a proper camera, comes with a good enough lens (although I'm sure it won't be long before I'm looking at other lenses), the picture quality was never in question and, price wise, is pretty close to what I'd get for selling my two really nice lenses for my Canon ("L" glass, for those interested).
It is smaller in my hands than I'm use to, but: 1) that is because the 7D is the proper size for a camera - it felt right from the moment I picked it up, as did the D10 I had many years ago and, rather usefully, this one; 2) the whole point is to have something smaller than the 7.

I still need to play with it more than I have (I spent this weekend at the fairly disappointing Adventure Travel Show at Olympia and, more importantly, with friends), but I've played enough to know that it is a keeper; it provides me all I want, except geo-tagging, in the size that I want.

Tonight I've wrapped-up the nice glass in more bubble-wrap than strictly needed and tomorrow they'll be off to the nice folks at MBP in Brighton; in return I've got a new camera to go play with and learn how to get the most out of.  It's time for a day out with Mr. Oswin and one that doesn't involve us pretending to do photography, but actually involves us doing it!

PS.  Should you buy a camera, consider the memory card it takes.  All my Canon gear takes CF cards and as such I've got loads of them lying around; the new one takes SD cards - guess which muppet ordered the camera without checking if he'd got any spare SD cards.