3 January 2013


I knew this would happen at some point and when I saw the adverts on TV over Christmas I knew when it would happen.


The BBC has a new series on about Africa and I knew it would make me want to go back. I saw part of the first episode last night and within seconds I wanted to change my route to include Africa - it didn't help they had a lot of Namibia on last night; truly one of earth's most beautiful places. Seeing Spitzkoppe again only made it worse.  No sign of Dune 45, thankfully?

The head says "you've got a route that works (after much stress) and the flights booked; enjoy what is planned". The heart says "AFRICA!!!". The gut says: "listen to your head".

Go with your gut.  Africa remains for the next time around. At least until the next episode.

Side note for Jean-Fran├žois: you need to find a way of getting to see this. It will cost you though - the price of a ticket and a new pair of boots. :-)