27 December 2012


My todo list isn't getting any better, with the exception of sorting, reducing the amount of crap I own / crap which owns me [1], and the packing & storage of the remainders.

Six boxes of books have gone to be stored with Gil's stuff; DVDs to my brother, who'll also be taking the TV and assorted bits; more boxes of books to my folks (I'm not addicted, I can give them up any time I want [2]) along with other bits, including the CDs when I've finished ripping them all[3] and there is plenty more to finish sorting. I've given myself (and have a semi imposed) deadline of having it all done by the end of January.

What is interesting (and horrifying) is the amount of crap I owned (you'll note the past tense) and how wonderful it is to get rid of it all and not be owned by it any more. Several car-loads of, frankly, crap have been taken to my local recycling centre; bags full of old clothing and books are now with Oxfam and Cancer Research to find other homes and there's probably the same again, if I'm honest with myself.  I may not make a once-stated goal of being able to fit my life in to a large duffel bag, but I'll have a damn good go at it.  (A couple of large duffel bags is probably doable - if you ignore the little things like beds. Then again, I do like hammocks. :-) )

Got a weekend with not much planned? Want to get to the end of a weekend and feel that you've done something? Just want more space?  Blitz your home and reduce the amount of junk you own / which owns you - it's wonderful.  The things you'll say most are: 1) "why on earth have I kept this?"; 2) "why didn't I do this sooner?".

You don't have to be going walkabout to do it, but you're welcome to come join me.

[1] - This will make L laugh, but removing all the junk from my flat and my life is something I wish I'd done years ago (sorry, L); only when you have to get rid of things do you realise how much crap you own. I'm a total convert to the concepts of your possessions owning you. With the exceptions of books and CDs, of course.
[2] - OK, we all know that I'm lying. I just don't want to give them up.
[3] - There's a crap job: Find all your CDs (because, like me, yours aren't all in one place either), the majority of which you've encoded already, and the find the ones you've not done - you're trying to find a few dozen needles in a fairly large haystack.  Then pack them away.