29 December 2012

Interesting side-effects of travel

The planning for this trip has generated some interesting side effects, specifically: doing things which I've been meaning to do for ages, but never quite got around to.  All those little jobs that we've all got that are on our mental or physical todo list(s) and never quite get around to, despite having been there for years in some cases.

I've actually sorted-out my todo list and am doing more because of it.  Like everyone else, I'm using Evernote.

With the exception of a handful of CDs I'm sure I'll find in random places at home, I've got all my CDs ripped.  This blatantly ignores the box-sets of classical composers complete works I've got; I just don't have the time or inclination to rip another several hundred CDs - this remains firmly on the maƱana list.  Or given that I'm Cornish, the dreckly list.

I'm sorting out the data on my computers and it's mostly done; I've sorted-out a regular back-ups too.  Crashplan, in case you're wondering.
(This isn't perfect, as I still need to work-out how to backup pictures whilst on the move - whilst not carrying a computer, just a Nexus 7 tablet + a card reader.  Ideas welcomed.)

I'm in the process of de-junking life.  I really can't recommend this enough.  (Sorry, L).

I've started a bucked-list.

I've written my Will, although the making it formal it still on the todo list.
I'd been mulling over what I wanted to put in it for a couple of days, it does take a little thought.  However of all the places to sit-down and write it, Caffe Nero on Fenchurch Street isn't where I'd been expecting.  I'd got the time to kill pre gym PT session, so I did.

I've been forced to do all of this, and more, in preparation for leaving - a most useful side effect.