16 November 2012

Pampered pooch's paradise?

Toronto is many things; it's a city that feels like a town, it's friendly, it's a great place to walk around and is, if you are out by the lake on towards the East of the city, a wonderfully peaceful place that makes you forget that you're in a major international city.  It has purveyors of fine Ethiopian and Thai food, and some good coffee (Daisy, I'm looking at you here).  It is also paradise for those who like to fuss over their dogs - counting 3 dog washing & beauty parlours with a couple of miles was unexpected (even for The Beach(es)); finding many more dotted across the city then became less of a surprise.
Getting to walk around the back streets and wonder around the places that locals live has been really nice. Getting to do it with a friend has been even better.
Toronto is a place I'll be coming back to, as it deserves more than the time I've had to explore.
I leave Toronto having spent 2.5 days with someone I'd not seen for far too long and, having spent most of that time discussing travel, full of fire for what I'll be doing.
Onwards to Miami, with that bittersweet taste.  Again.