9 October 2012

I'm going to have my cake and eat it

Despite my previous post about the choice and how I waved goodbye to Central Asia it appears I get to have my cake and eat it...

Thanks to Gil there is a way of me doing both the Central Asia trip I want *and* spend time travelling with her in South America.  Gil is one of my closest friends, so being able to do both makes me deeply happy.

Today I booked myself on an Istanbul to Ulaanbaatar overland trip with Dragoman, spending four months touring the heart of Central Asia, China and into Mongolia.
Afterwards comes South America (something along the lines of Peru, bits of Ecuador and maybe the Galapagos), South East Asia (mostly Indochina, hopefully more) and, if I'm lucky, bits of Africa (Namibia down towards South Africa) - but the details there are all still in a (mostly) non-existent state, but should be reasonably sorted by the end of November.

I have waited and worked towards this day for a very very long time - it really doesn't seem real; it will be very real on the morning of the 25th April 2013 when I set out on to day 1 of my round-the-world trip.  Think of me.

Dreams do come true.