4 October 2012

Dear Central Asia (part 2)

Dear Central Asia,

I really want to visit you - I really do.  The total remote and wilds of you, the land less trodden, the chances to go places and do thing which are far removed from the beaten-track or even the beaten-backpacking-track (which, honestly, often isn't too far from the track - we just got there a different way and stay in far cheaper sleeping establishments).  The experience far removed from the norm.  The centrepiece of my long-held dream.


China isn't (currently) allowing British passport holders through and even if they changed their mind who says they wouldn't change it back; getting visas sorted for the Stans is a PITA and the UKPA has confirmed that I can only have 2 passports for business reasons and that removes my last  "easy" choice.

I now face the decision - if I do Central Asia then I can't do South America in Feb-April and that means not travelling with a friend of mine - it also means the plans which work really nicely if I leave mid-Feb are broken as I need to hang around until mid-April.  As much as I want to do the Central Asia trip, I also want to travel with her. Essentially I have to choose.