6 October 2012

Decisions decisions

In the end the decision, the choice, is actually a fairly easy one.  My options:

  • Go to Central Asia, where the only way I can find to make this work is skip South America
  • Go to South America and travel with a friend, making the visas practically impossible.

Sorry Asia - you'll still be there in a few years time.  Yes I'd like to go now and yes if I can do both I will, but realistically I can't.

So hello South America.  Hello to travelling with Gil, the pair of us getting to share part of each others big trips - the thing we've been talking about for literally as long as we've known each other.  Central Asia and the wilds will be there in a few years time; the chance to travel at this point, with this person, will not.

So long Central Asia, see you in a few.