15 December 2013

The Mosquitoes of Mendoza

9 - 12 November.

Having spent a lot of my time in South America at altitude I hadn't had to worry about mosquitoes for my entire time here - this is a nice relief, although something which has lulled me into a false sense of security.

Mendoza is a lot lower (746m, according to Wikipedia) and as the first night here was cold they didn't come out. On the second night things had warmed-up a lot (it had been a warm, dry, day, the exact opposite of Sunday when I arrived).

Oh how they chewed me on the 2nd night - I was bitten all over my hands, arms, legs and even a couple on my head (makes shaving fun).

My third night came with a liberal amount of bug spray over my body, something my fellow room-mates did too (one of which has also been chewed on the 2nd night). No new bites, but the existing ones are itching like crazy - far worse than the mozzies from Central Asia ever managed.

Pro tip: spending time in Mendoza - bring good bug spray. The locals recommend something called "Off".