7 October 2013

Kayaking on Lake Titicaca

This morning I spent a wonderful hour slowly paddling a kayak from Puno to one of the floating islands. An hour of slowly make my way throw the water, avoiding mostly, but not all, the reeds - I blame the fact that I was paddling a 2 man kayak on my own. :)

An hour of total tranquillity, if you ignore the sound of the outboard on our guide's boat, and which is really easy to do when you can lose yourself in the paddling.

We then spent an hourly on one of the islands, which was very different to the one I visited one Friday - much more developed (there was a small cafe on the island) and setup for tourists; the one on Friday was tiny (maybe about 20 paces across) and a lot less developed. Interesting to see both, where the more touristy of the two felt a lot less like a human zoo and more like a tourist attraction.

The time was spent with two Brits from my hostel who also did the trip (it was arranged via the hostel), which was, as always, more discussion on travel (some useful info on buses in Bolivia, among general banter), with all small side helping of discussion on food from home, another regular topic.

Return to Puno was via a motor boat, similar to the one from my other trips across the lake, which is a lot less tranquil.

Kayaking has been added to my Things To Try Again When I Get Home list; I liked it a lot and it's the highlight of my time on the lake.