11 October 2013

International coming out day

So apparently it is International Coming Out Day - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Coming_Out_Day as one of many sources of information.

I've discussed reoutting yourself with a friend of mine in the past, where they out their sexuality quickly to people, as (among other reasons) there is the political element to it - they can and so do.

My sexuality isn't an issue to me and in the past I'd not seen the need to re-out / declare my sexuality as a political statement, but where that has changed - in the last 5.5 months I've met many many people, some of whom simply can't publicly be who they are. This is wrong.

So. In support of those who can't....

I don't care what the sex and/or gender of someone I fancy is, where I  use the convenient shorthand of "I'm bisexual" to describe this.