30 June 2013

Karakol lake / Half way (day 60)

I am here: 38 27.247 N 75 2.92 E at 3692m as of 23/06/2013 13:07 BST http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:38.45412,75.04867

Livestock market.

Grand bizarre. Not full of tat, but a genuine large bizarre - full of everything (clothes, food, furs, electronics, perfumes & toiletries, housewares, tools, etc). Masses of people. Partly very tight passages lined with stalls, partly a more spacious covered area.

Drive to lake post lunch.
Climbed 2500m in 4-5 hours.
Air noticeably thinner, but AMS not got the better of me yet. Got better of Claire, our guide. (not using Diamox, but need to find some for South America.)

Day 60! Half way through the tour, although I've barely started on my journey.