30 June 2013

Bushcamp location (day 62)

Day 62.

I am here: 41 58.49 N 84 32.822 E at 1074m as of 25/06/2013 http://maps.google.com/maps?q=loc:41.97484,84.54704

The observant among you will note the massive distance between the last breakdown location and our camping spot for the night.
(Although after the best part of 12 hours driving through the desert I'm happy to stop for the night, even if it isn't the best of locations or for the right reasons.)

As I type this Olly & Jan are busy removing the gearbox of the truck - at 23:05, having been under the truck for hours already and with no sign of stopping. I have nothing but praise for the amount of work Olly & Jan do to keep Daisy going, especially Jan - he's the truck mechanic - but the number of breakdowns over the last few weeks has been disappointing at times (it has cost us time in places) and can add headaches (in terms of using alternative transport), but there is a certain acceptances that mechanical things will break, mixed with a tinge of "this truck needs a major service from a Tata specialist and a check of every component and system" and with a good dollop of "this truck has been bounced thousands of km across some crazy terrain and at some semi serious altitude". There is an even bigger dollop of "this is where the stories come from" and "shit happens", so I'm not actually stressed by this in the slightest.

I suspect we are in for an interesting few days.

Update: I happened to wake at 0230 and they were still working on it. Shaun heard the cab being lowered at 0330.
Olly and Jan look tired today.