9 February 2013

Interesting side-effects of travel (part 2)

My parents have lived in the same house for the last 23 years and in all that time the garage could be politely described as "characterful"; others would describe it as chaotic.  I'd settle for "about as organised as my place was before I started de-cluttering my life".
(Side note: If you are a language person and there is one word to describe this (and not being German, no compound nouns) I'd like to know what it is.)

My parents have volunteered (been volunteered?) to store some of what stuff I keep and as such my dad has had to clear-out the garage - for possibly (probably) the first time in 23 years the garage is organised and has space.  Space soon to be filled with boxes of the stuff I can't (yet?) get rid of, but space.  And all it took was me going around the world - just as well mum didn't know this before now.