10 February 2013


Hello, my name is Robert and I'm a musicaholic.  It has been too long since I last had new music.

The de-junking and packing continues, where today's surprise has been the discovery of another 100(ish) CDs of which only about 30 needed to be encoded, thankfully; so much for a handful.  Another half-crate of CDs I had stashed elsewhere in the flat and discovered, and just when I thought I was getting on-top of all of this.

I've got to get on-top of all this as next Sunday my brother is coming over to collect a bunch of stuff he is taking to use at his place and it all needs to be boxed-up and ready to go.  Goodbye TV, you won't be missed.

After that is the xbox (no TV, no xbox), which a friend of mine will have on long-term loan; given that I'd currently not have a TV again it could be a very long term loan, but time will tell on that.  I'll just be glad to get rid of more stuff.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - de-junk your life, it is something I wish I'd done years ago.