10 November 2013

Medical problems

There is a medical problem which hits people almost indiscriminately - it doesn't matter how old you are; your gender makes no difference; skin colour isn't a factor and neither is sexual orientation. It hits without warning.

The only correlation which science has found that it tends to affect people in specific areas of the world, where pockets of South America are known to be high risk.

I am, of course, talking about the Meat Coma.

A Meat Coma is a serious problem and one where the only known preventative is worse than the actual illness - vegetarianism.

The illness is brought on by consuming large, some would say "too much", meat, such as the quantities found at a meat buffet in Mendoza.

Signs and symptoms include:
  • The Meat Sweats
  • Feeling overly full
  • Lethargy

Other risk factors include:
  • Drinking a half bottle of wine (with lunch)
  • Using your "desert stomach" to consume tasty cake, despite knowing better
  • Randomly stopping into a wine tasting and trying 11 different wines

The patient should be returned to a place of safety, often called "the hostal" and given a place to snooze, ideally with an ear full of tunes.