14 September 2012

Africa vs. South America

There appear to be two types of people in the world; those who find themselves pulled towards South America and those who find themselves pulled toward Africa[1]. I've always firmly been in the second camp, classing South America as somewhere I'd go if I'd got time and nothing better to do. (I'm not saying it is bad, just it didn't have any pull for me.)

Having spent the last week or so skim-reading my guide to South America whilst commuting and reading in detail for the entire[2] of this 4.5 hour train journey to The Motherland, I can see the appeal. This is both surprising (it really has had no appeal at all, until now) and useful - my first stop is going to be South America. More of that later.

Lots more reading and research needs to be done, but Peru strikes me as the type of place in could spend a very happy month.

[1] I am blatenly ignoring the existence of Asia[3], Australia, New Zealand and many other places at this point.

[2] Well, almost; I wrote this on the train too. Isn't technology great. ;-)

[3] The place that calls me to most, despite how hard Africa calls.